Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fuel your body!

Be mindful of what you are fueling your body with!
When I first started my weight loss journey two years ago, I began to log my food on MyFitnessPal (still use it!). I thought it would be as simple as just looking at the total calories, but continued to eat junk food within my net calorie goal. I felt hungry and had low energy. I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I was invited to join a Beachbody challenge group that focused on exercise and clean eating. By changing my diet, I started to get amazing results and felt great too! I continued the clean eating + Shakeology + exercise for a few months until I reached my goal. I then updated MyFitnessPal to maintain my weight, but slacked off on eating clean. My weight stayed within 5-10 lbs of my goal weight, but my body fat % creeped up as I ate unhealthy foods and was not consistently working out. I am so happy to be back to a healthy way of life (eating, exercise, and mentally) - for good this time.
Take a good look at what you are feeding your body - Is it in line with your goals for health?

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