Sunday, May 10, 2015

Body Beast Initial Review

My husband Matthew started Body Beast this week! He does not have access to use the DVD, and is using the Mobile App that comes free with the program. The challenge pack is on sale right now, and it's like getting Body Beast for just $10 in addition to a month of Shakeology.
Here is his initial review for those of you wanting to know more about Body Beast:
Ok, just completed day 4, "Cardio and Abs". We got through it in around an hour, and most of the time was gasping for breath and switching out weights. Great part about today was that the cardio was more than just running on a treadmill. In fact, there was NO running at all. Lots of jumps, and core focusing, and plyo everywhere. After the cardio portion that had both myself and my weightlifting mentor gasping and sweating, the ab portion , focusing on reps instead of time, seemed a welcome cooldown.
The last exercise "BEAST Abs!" was a good laugh, when we read the description, but the simple sounding (and creative) core/lower ab workout had us both straining to complete it properly in the required time!
So the part I like the most about this program, is that while we are focusing on muscle groups, the other "supporting" muscles are periodically worked. Even muscles you focused on two days prior (legs for example) get a quick shock. As a result, your body has to CONSTANTLY work at rebuilding. Ignore the DOMS and press on! R&R formula helps a lot!
Program seems similar to P90X, but the built in mobile app is a great value. Comment below if you have any questions about it!
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