Thursday, November 5, 2015

#throwbackthursday Wow! What a difference a year makes. Matthew and I thought we were pretty healthy last year, but looking back, I know that we were not making the best choices for our bodies and health. We were eating out a lot, only working out once a week (if even that!), while trying to restrict ourselves to 1200 calories a day to stay "skinny ." We had earlier success with weight loss, but tossed out our healthier choices when we were "maintaining." What we have finally learned is that it's the daily choices you make that lead to overall health. It's not about a crazy, restrictive diet, but choosing clean, whole foods that make us feel great and fuel our bodies. It's not about long workouts, but consistently getting in 30 minutes a day of activity. We still have goals and sometimes struggle to stay focused. The success is in knowing that we are better than we were before, and committed to keep moving forward, even if at a slow pace. It's about progress, not perfection 💪💪💪

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