Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wow... Wasn't feeling it this morning, but pushed through and got a double workout in! Chisel Cardio and 15 Minute Glute Chisel. I'm feeling much better now, and ready to tackle my to do list today. 💪💕 Discipline is a muscle too - use it or lose it - and mine has been getting stronger! If it's something that's easy for you, it doesn't take discipline. Discipline is when you don't want to do so but do it anyway, and the rewards are incredible. Having discipline in one area (like clean eating and working out) not only strengthens that area, but helps improve discipline in other areas too (like time management and finance). I thought I was just getting healthier, but this fitness journey has improved every aspect of my life. What area could you use more discipline in? Would extra accountability help?

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