Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A bit of a course correction today... While I planned and took food for my trip this past weekend so I would not have to eat out, the "healthy" snack bars were way higher in carbs than I normally do... And I didn't make working out a priority and failed to plan for getting them in. I got home at 3am last night, got a few hours of sleep, woke up with a choice to make... I could have started my day with a cup of coffee, but chose to mix a cup of Energize, read the Bible while it kicked in, and then pushed play and got my workout done 💪 Today is a new day, and I made the choice to get back to my good habits and break the new bad habit of missing workouts. Next thing to correct - back to clean, minimally processed foods. The little things you do daily - your habits - are your choice. They have a powerful impact on every area of your life. Which habits do you want to create? Which habits do you need to stop? It's up to you. Be intentional about it! 💕 #resetbutton #lookforward #habitsofhealth #coursecorrection #fitlife

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