About Me

I am here to maintain a healthy way of life for myself and my family, and to help others on their journey to do the same!

I am a wife, mother of a very active 3 year old and three step-children (11, 12, and 14!), fitness and nutrition coach, as well as a full-time hospital pharmacist. I was unhappy with my weight after pharmacy school, but never took time to do much about it. After my son was born, I was hoping that nursing him would take the weight off, and was afraid of how exercise would affect my milk supply. One year of nursing done, and still just as heavy as a week or two after he was born, I decided I needed to do something about my weight, as well as to stay healthy for my family and the active lifestyle I'd like to enjoy. After researching Shakeology, I was convinced this was a supreme product and I participated in my first challenge. I managed to lose over 20 lbs, getting to a smaller size than I was pre-pregnancy. I attempted to maintain that weight loss by diet alone, without a consistent exercise program and without Shakeology. I slowly regained 10 lbs and felt lethargic. I have now joined up as a Coach and am on my way to not only losing weight, but getting in the best shape of my life via Shakeology and the awesome workout programs that Team Beachbody offers. I love these products and want to share them with others! They really do what they say they do. I stand proudly behind that!

I am working my way through the INSANITY program and am seeing incredible results! I am down over 5 lbs, 3", and am starting to see defined abs for the first time... ever! I love that the program challenges me to dig deeper and has room to grow as I get stronger and faster.

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